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The Simple Craft Network is a collection of game servers, however our primary focus is Minecraft. Our community collectively plays numerous games including League of Legends, Apex Legends, and Overwatch.

Why join us?


We Are Well Established

Our community has existed for almost ten years now, and we see ourselves existing well into the future. As long as there is interest in what we offer, don't expect to see us going anywhere. While our offerings may change, we expect our community to stay strong.


We Are Always Improving

With valuable community feedback we adapt to meet the needs of the community. While we cannot meet every member's wishes we try to accommodate as many as possible.


We Are Passionate

We are passionate in what we do, meaning that we want to have an awesome community and are doing this for the community rather than our personal gains.

Join Now!

Join our community to play numerous games with like-minded individuals. Our primary method of communication is Discord you can join by clicking below or by clicking here.